Rivinie | 23

Naive, gentle, and slow to trust. Rivinie hopes for the best, but is nervous and overly cautious
by nature. Despite her sheltered upbringing, she knows Kospa is a dangerous place for
the softhearted, and strives to prove her worth.

Months ago, Rivinie woke up with a curse around her neck and no recollection of who cast it.
Now, she travels Kospa in search of a cure.

Barlowe | 59

Warm, relaxed, and business-oriented. Barlowe spent his youth serving in Kospa’s military,
and now wields his rustic expertise as a guide through the forest. He may be pleasant company,
but at the end of the day, he fully expects you to foot the bill.

Washa | ??

Loud, brash, and secretive. Washa thrives on the delight of mocking others, and antagonizes
anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. Nobody knows why the reclusive witch
never shows skin, and if asked, she never tells the same story twice.

?? | ??